The best employee scheduling software

The time spent filling schedules can now be reduced by an employee scheduling software, which allows one to pay more attention to other serious problems. Ento is simply software that allows employees access through the Internet by the use of specifically built apps or the web browser. A team of engineers handle all the backups, storage, security and upgrades. So, all one needs is to build a schedule that’s possibly the best.

With the appropriate tools built for businesses with 5 or more than 2000 workers, this useful scheduling tool has turned into a system of employee administration. A few of the Ento employee scheduling software features are:

  • Less time spent scheduling staffs: Shifts are added in an instant, by automatically sending staff an SMS or emailing their shifts, and acknowledged with a reply.
  • Schedules are built quick and easy: Time is saved with every schedule created from a template or scratch.
  • Adjust with multiple views: Toggle among several accessible views which ensure the bases are covered and shifts are equally dispersed across the workforce.
  • Benefit from sharing employees without clashing: With no overtime or risk-free shift clashes, schedule and share workers across numerous places.
  • Shifts are filled without calling: Send an email to or SMS workers that are not working. Then relax and await a reply. In a few clicks, shifts can be assigned to persons of choice.
  • Sleep trouble-free with accepted shifts: To make sure the staffs agree with their shifts by a quick SMS reply or the app, just switch the elective shift acceptance setting on.

On the whole, Ento employee scheduling software allows schedules to be setup for days, weeks, and also months beforehand. It also allows the staff to sign on, accept shifts that are open, ask for time off and exchange shifts with colleagues by the requests simply being approved through a manager. All of a sudden, the mind boggling hours of creating a schedule will have disappeared and the work is reduced to as similar as reading-through an email.

For contended employees and great management, communication is essential. Without difficulty, messages are sent out through SMS and email, vital documents are shared and the employees are provided with a voice in the chat area. Equally significant is to know when an employee is unable to work, just as understanding and managing the period when they are able too. Everything is covered from holiday applications of the permanent and part-time workers, to the inaccessibility of the casuals. The key is to keep a track of the unavailability.

Besides, all businesses have diverse requirements and Ento is best suitable for small as well as large enterprises. By paying a monthly subscription, the software services are available with numerous choices. So, valuable tools like for instance posting schedules online, a mobile phone app, schedule outcome texted and emailed to the staff, data import & export, backing up data along with a setup that helps start the application, are all available.

With a 2 week free trial period, you can start scheduling with no limitations and no credit cards.

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