An Exceptional Entrepreneur

Throughout his life, Duggan had big dreams to achieve a sense of fulfillment in his career. In his endeavors, he has come across numerous chapters that helped shape him into the kind of person he is now. In fact, some accounts of his life are presented, which can help people understand the long way he has come in the world of business. Get to know more about the life of this exceptionally brilliant entrepreneur and his accomplishments that keep him going each day.

The Start of His Career

Robert W. Duggan first began his career in a company based in the United States, which was called Sunset Designs. Duggan was an investor in this company, and he contributed to its success by producing top-quality embroidery sets for children. His creation was called Jiffy Stichery, and it offered users a quick and easy way to get started in embroidery. The kits were not only attractive, but they also included simple instructions that helped children learn more about the best way to use these products.

Duggan intended to create embroidery sets that featured fascinating designs and colors, as these were directed to younger people. His products became a massive success, and these were made available in 7,000 retail stores. Indeed, his efforts paid off when he achieved his goal for Jiffy Stichery, based on the number of sales and extensive popularity of these products.

Brilliant Investments

With the great accomplishment he gained from Jiffy Stichery, he decided to invest half of his total venture capital. He also became active as a member of the company’s Board of Directors, and he offered exceptional strategic advice to the Board. Soon, Sunset Designs maintained its success in the industry as it received more than 80 percent of its total market share.

Although the company was sold to Reckitt and Benckiser in 1980s, Sunset Designs had earned about $15 million. This great amount was a big return on the company’s original investment that was only worth $100,000.

Looking for Bigger Opportunities

As Duggan was investing in the company Sunset Designs, he was also eyeing another endeavor called Paradise Bakery. This company was first established in 1976, and it was one of the most renowned businesses that provided freshly-baked and scrumptious cookies in the United States. Duggan was the man behind the sales of these cookies in various establishments in the country including Kentucky Fried Chicken, Disney World and McDonalds.

By the mid 1980s, Duggan began his involvement in various companies including Government Technology Services, which provided the Government Services Administration in the United States with an access to software and hardware for micro-computers. He also decided to invest in millions of dollars, which profited $600 million in total revenues. His other endeavors included the marketing and sales of Ethernet node processors, as well as the establishment of Metropolis Media to help some communist nations pursue success through capitalism.

Robert Duggan has found his way in the challenging and tough world of business, all because of his strong sense of commitment, determination and passion to succeed in everything he do .

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