Click on the official website of Edward Scheetz to know more about him

If you visit the official website of Walter Ed Scheetz, you will find the option ‘Click here’, to know more about him. This is really true. The veteran in the hotel industry, whom everyone looks up to, as a business icon, is Mr. Scheetz, who has taken great strides in revamping the Chelsea group of hotels. The Chelsea hotels have been the hub of popular cultural exchange since the historical times, and Ed Scheetz is working to retain that same spirit of communication, but inventing more stylish ways to present the hotels to the public.

You can also go to the click here option in the websites where you search for the Chelsea hotels, the news about Ed Scheetz, and also how famous personalities like Bob Dylan, Tennessee Williams, Jimmy Hendrix and the famous American writer Arthur Miller had once  spent quality hours inside the Chelsea hotel lounge. Scheetz is trying to lift up that old world spirit once more, and for that, he has left no stones unturned.

Looking back: it was not at all a smooth sailing for Schteetz

Just by clicking on various websites and online newspapers and tabloids, you will not get the exact information about this business entrepreneur. You can also go through his profile pages in several social networking sites where he shares his common views on a single platform, regarding the future of the hotel industries, how he managed to undertake the new Astor hotel project which is due in 2016, and how he is trying to give a new and more elegant exterior to the Chelsea hotels.

When you click on a particular page about the founder of the King and Grove hotels, or how and when Scheetz has tried to bring out variations in the fine dining and lodging experience inside the Ruschmeyer hotels.

Why should you click? What is so extraordinary about this man?

The best opinion about Scheetz is that he loves to experiment both with the contemporary and the traditional. And if the resultant effect is really positive, then he applies these to some of his major projects. According to this industrial baron, he wanted to have the brand name Chelsea to increase the functional aspects regarding the hotels. He has also launched the newest version of the McCarren hotel group and swimming pools which was formerly a part of the King and Grove hotels in Williamsburg.

Mr. Scheetz has also confirmed that he does not think it appropriate to keep hotels and nightclubs together, as that can be a dreadful combination for many. This is especially after he had suffered several cases in the past, and his reputation was hampered to a great extent. He is in the habit of creating an emotional bond between the hotel entrepreneurs, the staffs and the clients.

Mr. Scheetz can also be contacted through his e-mails, and you can log on to any good personal website for understanding his work, new ventures and future undertakings.


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