CALITSO – A one stop solution for all your IT needs

Looking for a company whom you can resort to for all of your IT and computer needs? Consider CALITSO, an IT consulting company whom you can depend on for all of your computer needs. Committed towards innovation and providing best class services to their clients, they are a one stop solution for all of your IT requirements.

Be it fixing slow computers, providing data security, configuring servers and firewalls or just providing desktop and laptop support, CALITSO provides a range of services. Let’s have a look on some of them.

Managed IT services

You sure would like your services and technology projects up and running at every hour of the day, wouldn’t you? So what if a service gets disrupted or the server crashes? You would certainly want instant solution to your problems rather than waiting for the IT guy to show up, wouldn’t you?

Whether your office has 5 computers or 500, with CALITSO you can get instant support. With CALITSO, it’ll be like having a full-fledged IT team to your rescue whenever a problem arises. With them, there’ll be nothing to worry about!

Computing Infrastructure

All companies like their infrastructure to be the latest to meet the generation of business speed. So if your business is somewhat complex, expensive to operate or just too slow to cater to the ever increasing needs, resort to CALITSO who’ll help you find your way. Now deliver the pending applications and new services while paving way for upcoming opportunities at the same time. Now reduce your downtime and increase your capacity with CALITSO.

Disaster Recovery

You surely must be having life insurance cover for your family and yourself, and business insurance to ensure protect your business too, don’t you? So what about your IT assets and critical data? Why ignore them?

Think about this. What will you do if suddenly your company suffers from data loss, hardware failure or an unforeseen major disaster? How can you ensure that your IT structure will remain protected? Resort to CALITSO and never worry about your IT assets anymore!

Cloud Services

It’s time to take your business to the next level! Now with CALITSO’s “Go With IT” services, you can uplift your business and take advantage of the latest technologies. With the “Go With IT” service, you can now provide a range of cloud-hosted applications like Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint server and loads of other services.

With cloud computing, you can elevate your business and move from high capital costs to smaller operating costs. It’s really a great option for all small and medium business.

Business VOIP

Maintain a competitive edge by switching to VOIP. By doing so, not only do you increase your productivity and simplify communication tools, but also enhance your company’s voice and data security. With VOIP, your employees can now maintain access to your network more easily.

These are just some of the services that they offer. To know about the complete list of services offered by them, log on to their website or contact them on 587-794-4134. And don’t worry about the pricing! It’s very nominal, something that’ll easily meet your budget.



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